Who We Are:

At the turn of the century there were many Italians residing in Antioch and nearby communities.  Together they became the a family and helped one another. They decided to form a society to help anyone who was ill. They called themselves “The Society of Mutual Help”.  The Sons of Italy was established in San Francisco and the Society of Mutual Help decided to become a part of the national organization of the Sons of Italy.  The C. Colombo Lodge of Antioch 1315 became one the first lodges in California through the efforts by Sam De Lulio in 1924. 

Giving Back

When giving to an effective charity, the size of your donation directly correlates with the number of people you are able to help. But you don't have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference; even small donations have the potential to drastically improve an individual's quality of life. Our lodge takes the time to research local charity groups and provide donations to them.

Some of our charities include:

  • Local food banks

  • Adopt a family

  • Backpacks and school supplies 

  • Local high school scholarships

  • Italian Language Class At Deer Valley High School

  • Disaster Relief Funds - World wide

  • Relay for Life

  • Veterans Christmas cards and visits

  • Pajama Drive

  • Coat Drive

  • and many more.


Helping keep our Italian heritage alive. As an Italian American organization, our lodge encourages the study of Italian language and culture in American. It is also important to  preserve Italian American traditions, culture, history and heritage.

Some of our cultural outreach include:

  • Bocce Team

  • Polenta Dinner

  • Pasta Dinner

  • Cucidati Cookie Contest and Italian Cookie bake sale

  • Cooking Classes

  • Italian Card Games

  • Italian Sing-a-longs

  • and many more.


Our lodge has many social events through out the year. These social events are helpful in allowing members to get to know one another and have a fun time. 

Some of our social events include:

  • Bunko

  • Bingo

  • Crab Feed

  • Soup night

  • and many more.

Our Lodge Officers


  • President Carol Esposito

  • Vice President Rosemarie DiMaggio

  • Past President Edna Esposito

  • Recording Secretary Edna Esposito

  • Financial Secretary Rosanne Ortland

  • Treasure Judith Mcmahon

  • Orator Cathy Nelson

  • Chaplain Lanette Clarke

  • Historian Gary Shoo

  • Master of Ceremony Dennis Clarke

  • Mistress of Ceremony Walaine Hankins

  • Guard Gary Shoo

  • Trustees Sue Coniglio,  Katy Castro, Janet Castillo, Ernie Dinelli

  • Sunshine Edna Esposito